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Even though I have been a nurse practitioner for an OB/GYN office for over 20 years, The Complete Clinician’s Guide to BHRT gave me insight to bioidentical hormone replacement therapy as well as new ideas on how to help patients implement healthy changes into their lives. My patients are happier and healthier now that I have incorporated her methods into my practice.
— Denise Lorenz, FNP
I would highly recommend The Complete Clinician’s Guide to BHRT. I am impressed with the thoroughness of the course and clinical tools available to me.
— Azita Ghaderifard, FNP
Dr. Amy is so knowledgeable about hormones and healthy lifestyles. I am excited about prescribing the right hormones, supplements and lifestyle changes to my patients. I can’t wait to actually help them!
— – Lauren Hutchison, PA
Dr. Amy’s program is one of the best financial investment decisions that you will make this year.
— Wayne Greathouse, DC

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Dr. Amy Summers

Dr. Amy Lee Summers is a compounding pharmacist, an author on the controversial topic of bioidentical hormone replacement therapy, a motivational wellness speaker, and regular guest health columnist for Glam Life Magazine.  She is a renowned authority in the areas of bioidentical hormones, nutrition, healthy lifestyles and disease prevention.  Dr. Amy is a talented and passionate teacher, and has developed focused wellness programs that are simple, easy to follow and entertaining.



Dr. Amy Summers is an expert in bioidentical hormones, nutrition, fitness, anti-aging, functional medicine, and healthy lifestyles. She has been featured in many print and media interviews.